Laundry Services Available

Wash~Dry~ Fold

Drop-Off Service

We do it all for you!!

Running out of time in the day to do laundry?  Let us do it for you!  

  • Quick 1 day turnaround (most instances)

  • We provide , soap, fabric softener, bleach etc. necessary to get the job done right

  • Special Instructions - No problem!

  • Pay by the pound (some items flat rate)

  • Senior, Military & Student discounts available

  • Commercial Services available "on account"

  • Cash or Credit Card accepted

  • Gift Certificates available for purchase

DIY Laundry

"Do it yourself"

Turn your Laundry day into Laundry hour!!

Have multiple loads of Laundry? Bring them in and get it all done at one time!

  • Clean Environment, New Machines

  • Various Sized Washers and Dryers

  • Extra Large capacity machines for large loads or Comforters and Bedding

  • Free WiFi, Cable TV

  • Vending for Soap and Snacks

  • Coin Operated or Credit Card

  • Loyalty card  that earns you $Rewards$


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Drop-Off Laundry Service & DIY 

At Midtown Washboard, we offer a variety of  laundry services to the St Charles and surrounding areas.  Our newly remodeled facility has 26 brand new front-load, energy efficient washers and 28 dryers.  All machines accept coin and many accept credit card.  Our courteous and helpful laundry staff have the experience necessary to help with all your laundry needs designed to save you time!

We DO care about your laundry and your time at MTW, especially during these uncertain times with the Corona Virus (covid-19).

   We are:

  • Sanitizing surfaces, door knobs, machine handles, folding tables, bathrooms, etc.. more frequently.

  • Providing sanitizing wipes and cleaning materials for you to clean the machines and folding tables before and after use to better protect yourself.

This is what we are doing in our laundromat to keep you safe...

  • Recommending 'Social Distancing' from others within the laudromat ( >6')

Recommended Laundry Tips:

  • Wash Clothes in Warm or Hot water on extended cycle (Deluxe or Ultra Settings)

  • Do not use too much soap as it will not get rinsed properly and stick to the clothes along with the germs.

  • Don't shake laundry, which can make virus airborn if on clothing.

  • Wipe out laundry basket, or use a basket liner, before putting clean clothes back in.

  • Keep baskets and/or soiled laundry on floor and off tabletops or tops of machines.



"So clean and the machines accept credit cards! Definitely my new laundromat!"

Reya / Owner Rad Barber Shop/ St Charles, MO

"I know how difficult it can be to keep the place clean, so I really appreciate all you do to stay on top of it"

Sharon / Loyal Customer/ St Charles, MO

Why Midtown WASHBOARD?

Our Story

We are a small family-owned business from the St. Charles area.  As busy professionals, we recognized a growing trend in ourselves as well as others, that there just isn't enough time to work, do all the errands, household chores, and still have time for yourself and family.  We believe we have some answers on how to get back some of that time - at least as it pertains to the chore of doing your laundry.  Whether you are using our professional drop-off service or you plan to do it yourself, we know we can help save you time by giving Midtown Washboard a try.  The payoff in time far exceeds any cost associated with the service.  Even the DIY portion of the laundry is a time-saver.  A true fun fact ' 8 hours of laundry at home = 2 hours at the laundromat.' We have all state of the art new machines, not to mention we provide a clean and safe environment at reasonable competitive prices.  Why not give us a try?  I'm sure you will be satisfied and agree it was worth it!

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