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The Midtown Washboard Story

We are a small family-owned business from the St. Charles area. As busy professionals, we recognized a growing trend in ourselves as well as others, that there just isn't enough time to work, do all the errands, household chores, and still have time for yourself and family. We believe we have some answers on how to get back some of that time - at least as it pertains to the chore of doing your laundry.  


Whether you are using our professional drop-off or pick-up services, or you plan to do it yourself, we know we can help save you time by giving Midtown Washboard a try. The payoff in time far exceeds any cost associated with the service. Even the DIY portion of the laundry is a time-saver.  

A true fun fact ' 8 hours of laundry at home = 2 hours at the laundromat.' 


We have all state of the art new machines, not to mention we provide a clean and safe environment at reasonable competitive prices. Why not give us a try?  I'm sure you will be satisfied and agree it was worth it!

Our Promise to You

Midtown Washboard_Customer Satisfaction

100% Happiness Guaranteed

If you’re not completely satisfied, we will make it right.

Midtown Washboard_Quality Icon.png

Fast & with High Quality

We work hard to make sure that the clothes you get back are spotless and ready for action.

Midtown Washboard_Worker With Smile Icon

Service with a Smile

From the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave, we strive to be one of the best parts of your day.

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