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Cleaning Supplies

How are we keeping our customers & employees safe?

Sanitizing Surfaces

What We Are Doing.

We are trying to create an environment with the safety of you and others in mind. As federal, state, and local guidelines change, you will see us adapting as well.


What we are currently doing to keep you safe:

  1. Sanitizing surfaces, doorknobs, machine handles, folding tables, bathrooms, etc... more frequently.

  2. Providing sanitizing wipes and cleaning materials for you to clean the machines and folding tables before and after use to better protect yourself.

  3. Recommending 'Social Distancing' from others within the laundromat (>6') and wearing a mask or face-covering. 


How to Keep Yourself Safe

  1. Wash Clothes in Warm or Hot water on extended cycle (Deluxe or Ultra Settings)

  2. Do not use too much soap as it will not get rinsed properly and stick to the clothes along with the germs.

  3. Don't shake laundry, which can make virus airborne if on clothing.

  4. Wipeout laundry basket, or use a basket liner, before putting clean clothes back in.

  5. Keep baskets and/or soiled laundry on the floor and off tabletops or tops of machines.

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