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Drop-Off Service

We Do It for You.

If you don't have the time.... or just don't want to make the time for Laundry, you should consider Midtown WASHBOARD's drop-off laundry service.  It really is as easy as you think - gather all your dirty laundry up and drop it off for us to do for you.  We will sort your clothes first.  Then we will wash and dry them each in their own machines separate from any other customers, using detergent and products from brands you know and trust. Lastly, we fold your clean clothes and have them waiting for you when you return. We will even call or text when they are ready.


Drop-Off Service

  • Separate clothes by color/type

  • Soap, fabric softener, & dryer sheets necessary to get the job done right

  • Folded and Bagged

  • 10 lb. minimum (=$17)

  • Quick 24hr turnaround (most instances)

  • Special Instructions - No problem!

  • Cash or Credit/Debit Card accepted

  • Same Day service available for an additional charge

Choose the Laundry Service category that best meets your needs....
Midtown Washboard_Wash & Fold


For those not needing additional options or services provided

or if you are trying to keep cost at a minimum, this is the best option for you.

Fresh Clean Laundry!

Value includes:

  • Separate clothes by color/type

  • Soap, fabric softener, & dryer sheets

  • Folded & Bagged

Midtown Washboard_Customer Satisfaction


For those whose laundry is needing a little extra TLC, the Classic service may suit you best.  It includes all the Value inclusions  plus a little extra stain fighting power to address minor stains and/or dingy clothes needing a boost.

Fresh Clean Laundry with a boost!

Classic also includes:

  • Stain fighting application

  • OxiClean detergent booster

  • Bleach (when requested)

  • Hang clothes (as requested).

Midtown Washboard_Quality Icon.png


For those whose laundry needs a little more elbow grease and/or special treatment, the Premium option will serve you well.  Just like the other options, the Premium option includes all the same options of the Value inclusions plus advanced care.

Advanced Care for your Laundry!

Premium also includes:

  • Soaking of set-in stains

  • Oxiclean detergent booster

  • Bleach (when requested)

  • Hang clothes (as requested)

  • Odor removal treatment

  • Excessive pet hair removal

  • Baby Clothes (<24mo.)

  • Air Dry (as requested)

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